Cheap Laser Engraving Machines Might Be a Waste of Money

Cheap Laser Engraving Machines Might Be a Waste of Money

Many people, across different professions, have found some use for laser engraving techniques in recent times. By definition, these laser engravers help you create amazing designs on a wide range of materials. And you’ll be surprised at the versatility of this machine.

A note of caution

While it is overwhelming to want to own one, you must be wary of cheap models that are as merely inefficient. The reason is that laser engravers are of different models, price ranges, and quality. Although the need to find a reasonably priced product might arise, longevity and warranty come first.

Also, before forking over that large amount for a model, always examine its pros and cons. More importantly, find out if the engraver model is a perfect fit for your craft.

The difference between cheap and expensive laser engravers

On average, engravers are between the price range of $300 and $50,000. Now, this massive difference in cost always sets off the alarm for bad purchases, but a few shoppers can see this red flag.

The higher priced laser engravers are mostly compatible with various design and software files, have made-to-last parts, and cut through different materials. Besides, these engravers have solid warranties, comprehensive service packages, and other unique features. Meanwhile, the lower-priced laser engravers often come from foreign factories where they use cheap plastic materials to couple the engravers. Other features are a weaker laser, no warranty, and no replacement parts in the event of a malfunction. It is not surprising that they are cheaper. More details!

The problems of cheap laser machines

Usually, expensive items often have sophisticated quality and vast product offerings. Thus, you would expect that cheaper variants will have lackluster qualities since the original cost of coupling the item is considerably low. Some of the characteristics of cheap laser engravers include:

  • Little to no versatility of engraver – Because cheaper and smaller lasers have been used; the resulting laser is often less effective. Some companies that say ‘our engraver is fitted with a laser that cuts through ½-inch thick materials’ are not always forthright. Weak laser engravers will not cut through MDF and plywood.
  • Weak laser – Cheap laser cutters might advertise the wattage of their machines as ‘1000mW’ instead of ‘1.0W’, creating an illusion of a larger wattage figure.
  • Engraver is prone to frequent breakage – If you have earmarked $1000 for your machine, you should know that your engraver will probably be missing essential features. More than that, the machine is often prone to damage, and you might have a tough time locating the source of damage. Unless you have a big budget for repairs, your purchase priority must be quality.

Sometimes, your budget might betray you, and buying cheap items seems like the only solution. But it isn’t the same with laser engravers because the value of the machine must correspond with the price. While this isn’t saying you have to buy an overpriced machine, the satisfaction of buying high-quality laser engravers is second to none. Click here for more information: